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Welcome, and thanks for coming.

A few words about me.

What else would you expect from a writer?

I've been a newspaper reporter, an award-winning copywriter and co-founder of a small agency. Right now I'm a creative director at Ogilvy. 

I have extensive and varied experience managing teams of writers, designers and UX professionals ranging in size from two to 20. 

I am highly conceptual, strategic and well versed in selling complex products, particularly in financial services.

I'd rather build businesses than win awards.

I'm proud of recent work for:

BlackRock & iShares 

Since 2015, I have led digital and social advertising for iShares ETFs and the BlackRock institutional and mutual fund businesses.

During that time, iShares ETFs passed $1 trillion in assets under management and retained the #1 market position despite aggressive competition from Vanguard and others.  BlackRock grew its bond business (our main focus) by almost 20%.

American Express

From 2011-2015, I led creative, content strategy and copy for the American Express global Cardmember experience.

This project made benefits mobile, digital and useful for millions of Green, Gold, Platinum and Centurion Cardmembers, across more than 30 countries. In the first year after launch, it delivered a 900% increase in page views and exponentially increased digital interactions other than bill-payment.

DuPont & Chemours

From 2011-2014 I led copy for the dupont.com global rebuild, managing a team of writers to create content and branded experiences for the company and businesses and products ranging from Tyvek building wrap to Kevlar body armor. 

In 2014-15 I led copy and content strategy for the launch of Chemours, a new chemical company spun off from DuPont that rapidly grew to $6 billion in revenues by launching products including Opteon low-carbon footprint refrigerants.




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